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The LVS (Low Volume System)

The The LVS (Low Volume System)

Low volume mounted systems for weed control and fertilisation. This system can be mounted on all kinds of transplanters with four possible spreader heads:

  • NK10-50s, V-image spreader with a working width of 10-50 cm (with spreader head control)
  • NK15-75, V-image spreader with working width of 15-75 cm (with spreader head control)
  • NK80LT, O-image spreader with a working width of 70-100 cm (variable)
  • NK120LT, O-image spreader with a working width of 120 cm (variable)

The distribution is controlled by means of a signal of the GPS receiver based on the driving speed. The systems are also suitable for fertilisation, for example by low volume fertiliser applications in planting machines.

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