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Products of Nanne Kooiman

The leading specialist in the field of construction and mechanisation

Mechanisatiebedrijf Nanne Kooiman only offers the very best products you can get, including top brands such as Ferrari, Robovator, Forigo, Hiwer, Outcast, Spedo and Checchi & Magli. We guarantee that our customers get what they ask for: quality. Whether it concerns a ‘scarecrow’, a winding machine, a slug pellet applicator or a soilblock planting machine, our company guarantees that the machinery you purchase is not only excellent but also efficient.

Customised solutions are available for customers with special requirements. Special or new applications require tailor-made solutions. This is the challenge we face.


Ferrari is known for its excellent quality. We import Ferrari planting machines and ensure that these machines - both semi and fully automated - are customised to meet your requirements.


We provide various solutions for weed control. Our LVS (low volume sprayers) systems can be mounted on your transplanter, which can also be used for the application of fertiliser.


We sell both Robovator and Ferrari weeders. The hoes rotate with speed around the plants to remove the weeds.


Outcast V2 slug pellet applicators can be used with a working width of up to 45 metres, resulting in a highly efficient output.


The application of horticultural fleece has never been so easy. The Hiwer winding machine ensures that the cloth is evenly distributed over the width of the reel.


We also supply the following machinery: flail mowers, pneumatic press for trays, field sprayers, sprinklers and more. For questions and information, please contact: +31 (0) 228 59 2887.